Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse of children or adults includes any sort of unwanted sexual contact perpetrated on a victim by an abuser. Molestation, incest, inappropriate touching (with or without intercourse), and partner or date rape are all instances of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse also occurs if one partner has agreed to a certain level of sexual activity and another level is forced upon her (or him) without prior explicit consent being given. Sexual abuse is often coupled with physical abuse (or threat of physical abuse) and emotional abuse. For instance, pedophile child molesters will often threaten harm to their victims or to someone or something their victim cares about in order to compel that victim's silence about the sexual abuse or to convince the victim that he or she “asked for it” in some way. Difficult to detect drugs like Rohypnol (known as "Ruffies" on the street) may be put into the drinks of date rape victims (a form of physical abuse) to make them pliable and easy to rape


Gary Eby,MSW said...

It's been my experience that sexual abuse contributes to all kinds of addictions and mental illness. Beautifully crafted lens. Met you on Link Referral. Hope you will please visit my lens about emotional healing:
Take care...Gary.

aliah said...

Parents should talk to their children about this abuse thing, & make aware them about children sexual abuse because child sexual abuse is very serious issue.
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